If you have Verizon or

Dish or Direct Tv

Make sure you contact a Comcast Outside Sales Rep to get the best discounts.

Estimated price for 3 TVs is only $117.98 per month.

Save $696.00 in the next year by switching!

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If you have Comcast

Switch to Verizon for 3 months.
Get $150 Gift Card

Call Verizon at 866-836-2289 or go to

Assume you are paying $176.00 per month now with 3 set top boxes, internet and home phone.
You will Save $696.00 in the next year by switching.

Verizon charges below

$99.99 Triple Play Preferred
$ 9.99 1st set top box
$ 5.99 2nd set top box
$ 5.99 3rd set top box
$ 9.99 Modem
$20.00 Taxes (estimated)

$141.96 1st month charge from Verizon
$141.96 2nd month charge from Verizon
$141.96 3rd month charge from Verizon

($141.96 4th month charge from Verizon)

$200.00 Termination fee to switch back to Comcast after 3 months
-$150.00 Visa Gift Card

You have made $55.00 to switch plus
$35.00/month savings over 3 months, ($176 - $141.96 = $105).

You are $55.00 ahead and then can get Comcast back for only
$118.00 per month.  Will include:

TRIPLE PLAY, Phone, Internet, TV

Showtime * STARZ * Preferred Tier * On Demand * 150mbs wifi internet * High Def * 3 TVs
for a full 2 years.  Additional tvs as low as $3.99/month. 

Make sure you contact a Comcast Outside Residential Sales Rep to get the best discounts and credits for installation.  Calling the 800 number will NOT get you the best DEALS!

click here to email for information and to find your Local Comcast Sales Representative

Additional Comcast pricing (estimated - may vary)

Basic TV - 29 stations $14.90
Digital TV Economy (50+ channels) $29.95
Preferred TV with Showtime $49.99
 Internet 39.99
Phone $24.99
Internet and Economy TV (HBO and Streampix) $69.99
Internet and Phone $49.99
Basic TV and Phone $42.99